Communication skills training

Communication skills training

Communication is the basis of all human interaction. It is the means through which people interact and relate to one another. It is a way to show one's sensitivity towards others, ones feeling, agreement and disagreement and share point of view. We use various forms of verbal, non-verbal & written communication in nearly everything we do but generally, give little thought to the process.

The fact is that the majority of the problems and conflicts we experience in our personal lives and at work stem from our failure to communicate effectively. In our interaction with others, we tend to assume that our words and actions are understood as we intended them. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work out that way. We misinterpret and are misunderstood and don't often realize it until a conflict arises.

Communication is, however, both an art and a science, and requires our full attention and consideration if we are to use it skillfully. It is a complex process, which at its best is never perfected. Effectiveness in communication, however, rest on skills that can be improved and developed.

Benefits of course

  • Building self-awareness
  • Effectively convey the meaning intended
  • Overcoming the barriers of effective communication
  • Successful display of non-verbal communication
  • Developing assertiveness skills

How To Join/ Eligibility Criteria

The course is open to all who wishes to enhance their personality and communication skills


This workshop is interactive high on involvement, and reality-based using simulations games and role-play, questionnaires, open and group discussions, slide presentations, sample questions & practice exercises.

Course Highlights

  • Taking charge of verbal exchange
  • Mastering Listening
  • Body language
  • Constructive questioning
  • Writing for results
  • Ownership and Responsibility While Communicating