Presentation skill Training

Presentation skill Training

A presentation may be a suggests that of communication that may be custom-made to varied speaking things, like reproof a bunch, addressing a gathering or making known a team. A presentation may also be used as a broad term that encompasses different ‘speaking engagements’ like creating a speech at marriage or obtaining a degree across in an exceedingly video conference. To be effective, in small stages preparation and also the technique and suggests that of presenting the knowledge ought to be fastidiously thought of. A presentation needs you to induce a message across to the listeners and can usually contain a 'persuasive' part. It may, for example, be a talk about the positive work of your organisation, what you could offer an employer, or why you should receive additional funding for a project


  • The confidence to deliver effective presentations
  • Strategies for managing nerves
  • A clear framework for structuring a presentation
  • Methods for highlighting and emphasizing key messages
  • The skills to use and control your voice more effectively when giving presentations
  • Practical techniques to interpret and engage your audience

How To Join/ Eligibilty Criteria

The course is open to all who wishes to enhance their personality and presentation skills.


  • Preparing your presentation
  • Selecting and using the right visual aids
  • Managing nerves and anxiety
  • Using your voice: projection, intonation, emphasis and pacing
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Structuring and signposting your presentation